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Every home deserves an inspection CALL NOW!!! Do not wait to become informed!Don’t You DARE Get a Scottsdale, Chandler or Phoenix Home Inspection…

At least not until you read this.

Sure, you might think the property in mind is a good investment (from what you can see), but forgive me if I am wrong – are YOU a professional certified home inspector with more than 33 years of custom home building and home inspection experience?

Have YOU personally done over 3000 residential inspections and truely know what to look for?

No? Then please continue reading, because this may be one of the most important 5 minutes in your property-investment, home buying and / or property-selling life.

Honest Scottsdale Home Inspection

Before buying and selling another property, get an honest and thurough property inspection to know the true integrity of it's condition. Other wise you might be kicking yourself.

We are the #1 choice for Scottsdale Home Inspections, Phoenix Home Inspections and we provide our professional services in all other surrounding cities.

Don’t Just Get Any Phoenix Home Inspector:

Sure, you can spend your time and hard earned money on any home inspector, but if you want a quality, knowledgeable Scottsdale Home Inspector who is working hard for you and your family then look no further. Our Phoenix home inspection customer service and satisfaction guarantee is unmatched.

Simply put: We will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed business decision when buying or selling your property.

Think about it, whether you’re buying or selling a property, it is expensive either way when there are unexpected damages that could possibly ruin the whole deal. This is no time to shop for a cheap Phoenix home inspection – well, it’s also not time to overpay either!

Property Inspection Value

The cost of a Phoenix home inspection with us is relatively small compared to the purchase price of a property –  not to mention the broken truss in the attic, the roof with no ventilation, the plastic water distribution lines, the water damaged ceiling, the cracked foundation and whatever else is lurking beneath the surface. YOU NEED US For your Phoenix Home Inspection.

We offer a 100% Money-Back-In-Your-Pocket Satisfaction Guarantee on the QUALITY of our Home Inspections!

For buyers who need a residential home inspection, we make sure that you know and understand every fact about the property that you are purchasing. For sellers getting a presale home inspection, we will provide a property inspection report that gives you 100% full disclosure, with no worries of a buyer coming back and questioning anything regarding the property.

Detailed Phoenix Home Inspection

Unlike the city inspector who simply enforces code regulations, we look at the building and its various systems as a whole and determine where problems exist or might arise in the future. Remember I said we are great with home inspection customer service? We will explain the entire home and property inspection process to you and spend what ever time is needed so you and your agent can make an intelligent business decision based on the facts.

We go far and beyond to make sure we EXCEED the standard Phoenix HOME INSPECTION!

We work directly for you as if you were a close family member. Our job is to insure that you understand every item that may be reported in the home inspection. Our job does not end after the home inspection report is completed.

Infrared Thermal Inspections:

I can also do an Infrared Thermal inspection of your property. Take advantage of my time while I am at the home for a small additional fee. The thermal inspections allow me to identify certain anomalies like moisture, missing or displaced insulation, or flat roofs that are holding moisture. Check out the Thermal Services page for more more info.

Check out what some of our clients have to say:

"My client and I were extremely happy with the inspection as well as your service. I am pleased that I was able to work with a trustworthy inspector and will definitely use you as my inspector of choice from here on. Thank you for the quality inspection and I will be seeing you for future inspections".

Mitchell Rosowitz, Desert Mirage Properties.

" I wanted to acknowledge the home inspection report you did on a property we were planning on purchasing last week. Your thurough investigation uncovered multiple problems that collectively would have exceeded $40K to correct. That would have had to come out of my pocket! Your attention to the smallest detail was worth every penney of your fee. Then to have the additional licensed contractors come in to further corroborate the depth and expense of the repairs was invaluable. I can promise you that I will be using you again on the next home we find. "

Scott McCay- Scottsdale, Az.

I have been recommending Jerry to my clients for the last four years for their home inspection needs. Jerry does a thorough job during his inspections and explains his findings in a rational and educational manner. Deciding between deal breakers and fixable items can be daunting for clients. Jerry’s explanations and recommendations make it easier for buyers to get through this very important part of the real estate transaction. Thank you Jerry for making my job easier, and keeping my clients happy.

Flora Johnson, Homesmart agent

The Ponte Team has been fortunate enough to refer Jerry Spicer to our clients (buyers & sellers) for the past several years. Jerry’s experience with home inspections along with his many years of home building experience make him an invaluable resource. His inspections are always thorough and professional, and he has an ability to communicate his findings in an understandable and educational manner. As realtors we feel at ease in referring Jerry to our clients for their home inspection needs.

The Ponte Team/Realty Executives
Rebecca Ponte, James Ponte & Mary Dudley

"We purchase single family homes as investment properties and have Jerry Spicer who owns Sonoran Property Inspections, LLC perform all of our inspections. His incredible wealth of knowledge about home construction and maintenance is an invaluable piece of our acquisition process. Jerry is a professional in the truest sense of the word and an absolute pleasure to work with. "

Brian Caughlin
Valco Homes

Questions about the Home Inspection?

 You are encouraged to give us a call and we will do whatever it takes to insure that you are completely comfortable and satisfied with the property and the home inspection report as well as the conditions identified in the home inspection report.

Whether you're buying a new property and want to be sure of what you're getting or selling a property and want to eliminate future problems, give us a call now to schedule your Arizona home Inspection. Maybe you just want a licensed professional to perform a residential inspection and advise you on the condition, required maintenance, or the safety recommendations of your current property, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Sonoran Property Inspections LLC is here to assist you in making a confident decision about your property. Selecting us to perform your professional Arizona Home Inspection will give you peace of mind while making that critical decision with your family and your agent.

     Sonoran Property Inspections

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